Oil & Gas Financing

Our O&G expertise and longstanding industry relationships enable us to be a preferred capital provider for companies and management teams. We offer a variety of financing options, along with the ability to fund entire transactions and serve as a singlesource lender, delivering a quicker closing and a certainty of execution.


Some of the issuer benefits include:

• Medium-to-long-term investment horizons

• Issuer may receive both equity and debt capital in the same transaction

• Broad appetite for transactions enables us to participate in project or structured financing

• Issuer may receive financing on either a cash-flow or asset basis

Promissory Notes

From 2015 and up until 2017, SEG structured and participated in the issuance of more than $1.2 billion USD in Promissory Notes. For several years, PDVSA (Venezuela’s National Oil Company) carried arrears with its service providers on accounts payable. With our assistance, SEG participated in the novation of accounts payable into Promissory Notes under regulation 144-A. The Senior Unsecured Promissory Notes’ covenants included cross-default and pari passu clauses with PDVSA’s publicly traded bonds, except with PDVSA’s senior secured debt (i.e.: PDVSA 2020 Bonds secured with CITGO stocks) The service providers that managed to novate commercial debt into Promissory Notes included domestic and international service providers.

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