Sucre Energy Group (“SEG”) is an exploration & production focused, oil & gas (“O&G”) private investment firm concentrating on mature assets in Latin America where production has been affected by a lack of investment in capex dollars, poor operator efficiency and uncertain political climate. The sum of which, gives access to attractive reserve acquisition valuations. SEG adds immediate value by bringing to bear experienced management teams with local know how, access to capital, leading production technologies, and world class partnerships and alliances.

Investment Thesis

SEG’s investment thesis focuses on acquiring producing O&G assets in Latin America and effectively turning them around by investing in well surface facilities recovery and upgrade—enabling the capture of an upside from the incremental production curve. Moreover, SEG believes that while small-to-mid market players are focusing on U.S. shale and oil majors continue their shift towards natural gas, the Latin American market offers competitive fields in countries with fiscal challenges and lack of investment in capex and infrastructure. The O&G industry in some countries in Latin America faces an unstable political environment and difficult access to capital markets—placing reserve-rich assets that are struggling with operation deficiencies at a low valuation. Our investment team possess the skills and know-how necessary to turnaround these assets, thus enabling SEG to capitalize on the asset’s early upside returns.

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